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  • Humble words that honor me to be Mahesh Sharma.

    Derived from "Mahesh", of Hindu origin.

    A name meaning "God, incarnation of Lord Shiva".

    He has an artistic aura about himself.

    A sincere individual; never too old to learn.

    For him life's a laugh.

    Prepared to go that extra mile for a friend.

    He is a welcoming host.

    When one door closes he opens another.

    His goodness goes without saying.

  • I salute the land of Chhattisgarh…

    Where Satpura-Vindhyachal in the north stand tall as perennially secure wall.

    Where the huge Mahanadi emerges from Sihava Nagari to render lush blanket of green forests.

    Where the sanctity of Narmada & Sone, freely flows to drench the soil.

    Where the earthen touch of Bastar – Sarguja spreads its fragrance in all dimensions.

    Where the ancient heritage and indigenous culture become alive.

    Where the mother earth is impregnated with iron ores in her womb.

    Where the fertile soil produces paddy fields in vast expanse.

ChildhoodChildhood activity

I first embraced the soil of Chhattisgarh on 15th August 1967.

I first embraced the soil of Chhattisgarh on 15th August 1967. My humble parents Brajmohan Sharma & Smt. Tara Devi Sharma nourished my childhood with all their morality, goodness and values that are still embedded deep down within my heart.

The unforgettable memories of childhood along with my brothers Shri Dinesh Sharma & Shri Shyam Sunder Sharma accompanied by my sisters Late. Smt. Kiran Sharma & Smt. Sunita Sharma still echo in my ears. We together spent the best of times at home, in the school and while playing.

EducationI graduated in Commerce from Raipur, completed MA...


Goddess Saraswati has been really generous to bestow me with educational abundance and enlightening me with knowledge. I have studied various disciplines and gathered knowledge from every possible avenue to know more about the world.


I graduated in Commerce from Raipur, completed MA in Public Relations from Tirunelveli. Then, MBA and M.Phil from Nagaland. I also got my Ayurveda Ratna and Sahitya Ratna from Prayag, U.P., Ph. D. from Rajasthan and Honorary Degree from London.


As active participant of "Badte Kadam", Secretary of "Nishkaam Seva"...

I had read somewhere, "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice." The philosophy contained in this line left deep impact on my inner self. Since then I have been continuously involving myself in activities that make me socially responsible and a more enlightened citizen of mother India. As active participant of "Badte Kadam", Secretary of "Nishkaam Seva" , I have kept myself attached to the society. By promoting water recharging in the local areas, planting trees, organizing free check up camps, eye donation camps, providing free education and medical facilities etc., I searched my own ways of satisfaction and emotional content.

Hobie and aimI often look at. My extrovert nature enables me to make friends...


My Hobie

Reading books, traveling and walking are my hobbies, that i enjoy to the core. Meeting up people and exchanging creative ideas is what I often look at. My extrovert nature enables me to make friends very smoothly and naturally.


My Aim

I aim to become a good and responsible citizen of the country and become instrumental in liberating my soil from clutches of Naxalites.

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